Nokia care centre skylink,16,17,18 Sundarbaug chinchwad pune33 – display broken at service ceter

Dear Team,

Bought a Nokia Lumia 520 on 24 Aug 2013. a week back the dispaly started flickering from one end and now it is completely distorted. Today I visited Nokia care centre, skylink,16,17,18 Sundarbaug chinchwad pune33.

My mobile was taken for investigation and after 25 mins they told me that display will be changed(job sheetnumber 505504867/131026/64). I was not told that there is any physical damage and I need to pay any money. I can assure you that phone was never dropped and was not kept in pressure condition.

After sometime I received a call from Nokia care centre that display has a physical damage and I will need to pay. Why I was not told about it upfront while I was kept waiting and my mobile was taken for investigation. When Asked the lady on call said when we opened it first it was not broken but when further opened it was broken from inside.

I suspect that it is broken while they were trying to retrieve it. In any case this has to be informed while accepting the mobile when Nokia already has a process of investing the issue first and then accepting the mobile.

Request you to look into it


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