– Cheap products delivered even when I had cancelled the product

Reported By: Vandana Sinha

Contact information:

I Diyabaati online shops advertisement on FB. Kurtis sets were so attractive that I selected two and placed an order for COD. But then while going through their website I was a little bit apprehensive because exact office address and contact details were not given. So I cancelled the order through the form given on their website.
I was out of town for a few days, in my absence a courier was delivered via Shadowfax.My family thought that I might have ordered it so they paid money and received it.
I came home yesterday. I was a bit annoyed when I got to know that inspite of cancellation by me the packet was delivered. Then I opened the package, thinking that if it will be good I will keep the kurti sets but I was shocked when I saw that two very cheap quality faded and discolored sarees were sent …it’s very old type of cloth,जैसी हम देकर बर्तन खरीदते हैं वैसी……Now I tried to contact this website via phone, it gives automated reply which says fill the form on website and request for return and refund. I have done that but there is no response …. there is another number which is a WhatsApp number…so I again wrote to them on WhatsApp but again there is no response……
Ye sab dekhkar ye hi lag rahaa hey that ye sab fraud hey…jaan boojhkar aisaa Kiya hey….so please take action against them. because many people will be befooled by them. If only hundred people will buy say for RS **** only then too it becomes one lakh a day …so my request is to take strict action against this company.

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