drl – Its sucking

When I opened the site I was asked to select one box among three as I was the lucky winner of the contest..I was shocked as I did not did anything to win for the contest..when I chooses one box it was a Samsung galaxy S-5.I believed them and was about to order but my fathers credit card was blocked so he did not do that…later I got out of that page.again later I visited the same site n I found something like contest..I clicked on that then I was really shocked as I found all prices below 700 saying it was offering a discount on iPads and smart phones…aise kyo karte?what if I would have orders it…OMG!
Then I got to know why there is no cash on delivery…its very disgusting that they do all these to their customers..
Its me today but tomorrow it may be you so plzzz don’t believe all these stupid things and get cheated..we may need to file a complaint against this stupid site..

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