Drone ordered from your website – Payment already done but Drone not yet received.Almost 2 months passed that i ordered this product

Reported By: Muzammil

Contact information:
Drone ordered from your website VASCO DA GAMA

Dear sir/mam
This is in regard of a drone which i have ordered from your site but still i have not received it.Almost 10-15 days have passed ordering it but till now no updates.I have done payment of 499 for the order online.i am sharing the link what i have got ones i have ordered it.

This text message i got on mobile,
Hi Muzammil, thanks for your purchase of Rs. 499.00 from DealsClub! We’ll notify you when it ships. View order (#2379): www.dealsclub.co.in/26139525169/orders/90f21cf563d555002caba2bd885e2136/authenticate?key=71222041f07f4c88b47a1720baf223f2

Attaching the screen shot of the same
Kindly please check on the same as i am awaiting for the same

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