Drtifa.com – Fake spiritual healer

Contact information:
8 heine place grange
pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Hi all
Be carecareful with man called dr tifa.tifa . his website is drtifa.com and his number is +27632671210. When I went with my problem he asked me for photo and then he contact me and said me that it can be solved and will cost me 450 USD. couple of days after sending money when I asked him how long. He just replied I have done my job but he dint said anything else . I asked him again and again for few days but he dint reply and after a week he said there is problem within u so I have to clean it up. Then again no reply for couple of days and then till now I m trying to get answer but he always msg me hi/hello/good morning but nothing else and when I ask him about my job he saw my msg but never reply.
Plz be safe from this guy.

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