DS MAX Properties

DS Max Sigma Nest is one of the worst builders in Bangalore. If you have money, better throw in the drain, but don’t buy an apartment in DS Max properties, believe me…it’s much less painful. All their projects are delayed by more than a year, quality…don’t ask, sometimes tiles not available, sometime sand, then labor, window…list is endless…if you don’t keep a watch they will fit broken doors and won’t replace. Their employee keep changing, so today somebody will promise you something, tomorrow he is not there…so nobody is accountable. In my 3 yrs association, 4 project managers already…and each one is bigger idiot than the previous one. delay charges…forget it…if you have made upfront payment, initially they will promise you to pay interest, then after sometime they will stop paying, saying “we don’t ask for it, you paid and we can’t pay after *** date”. Why?? That does make any sense. Ok…so then return the money…”no we can’t return. it will be with us and final account settlement will be done at the time of possession”. So you guys only can judge… In one of the projects, after completion they told the owners, that they have built more Super Built-up area than planned, so owners should pay the difference, which was 1-3 laks per appt depending on their ratio.They claim that their architect is some big shot, i say, their design and engineering suck… They denied fitting bathtub in bathrooms saying, it might cause leakage. and that not all…the list is endless…My suggestion to all my friends who want to buy their dream house is, please speak to people who have already made this mistake, visit the properties, each project’s occupant have yahoo groups, browse and read the messages and then take a decision.

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