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Reported By: yan kuang

Contact information:
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates

I even can not the imagin if there is another telecom carrier can be more rude to customer than Du. I dont want to complain about the high price and bad service of du. but last week even my service was suspended for many days just because before Du record my document unclearly. Du only send one SMS to me and ask me to shop to check account, then stop my service!!! at weekend i went to shop of Du update the my info, then i complained: it was not my fault but du stop my service and made me a lot loss due to that duration. Du must give me compensation!
The worst thing not end: 2 days later i got a call from du agent, i told my concern but she even shouted at me she just confirm du can not do any thing for me and then close the call!!!
this is maybe not the worst service i experienced because I am still using Du service. I think here no body will notice this message i would send it to different channel of social.

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