Dubai First – Closure of account – non compliance – ref: 134836

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Reported By: Hxlero

Contact information:
Dubai First

To the Complaints Department

I have been writing to your Customer Service for the last few months now in order to get my credit card closed and to date have not had any satisfactory answer form them or the clearance letter. This is completed unacceptable as the card appears on and affects my credit score although the amount is zero. I urge you to please look init this mater and resolve it with the utmost urgency. I find your service and conduct beyond reprehensible. If the account is not closed and I receive the clearance letter within the next 5 days I will lodge a complaint with the Central Bank. Please refer to my numerous emails I have sent to you Customer Services on this matter 27 Aug, 30 Aug, 27 Sept with no courtesy of a reply.

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