As per the ad given in Quikr, a finance company by the name of Durga Finance from Delhi approached me for the PMEGP loan that will be granted by the government through their so-called agency. I said Ok VII take the loan as I was in need of it. First they told me that I have to pay an amount of Rs. 4500/- for the Government CA fees who will make a Project Report to obtain the Loan. I said OK fine pay the money, that’s where I made the mistake I didn’t cross check the company background and paid the amount. They’II give you the KVIC form of PMEGP loan and will tell you to only sign the form and not put any details on it as they will put the necessary details themselves. Then after two days, they will give you a fake id number like this EKVMH41-156172 to check the status of your application online on PMEGP website. After logging into the account with the id given by them, it shows the status of your application. Although, it looks like a genuine one but that’s their catch so the customer will fully trust them and they can duped or con them for more amount. After this they will call you and ask you for more money in the form of Margin Money (subsidy) or security fees of whatever amount say like if you had applied for a loan of 15 lakhs they will tell you that you have give the 10% of the loan amount which is 1,50,000/- as personal contribution that is mentioned in the PMEGP loan guidelines (http://mw.kviconline.gov.in /pmegp/pmegpwebi) but they will not take that amount instead they will tell you to pay an amount of 25,000/- as you have applied through our agency. That’s where my doubt grew stronger as I had told them before that after paying the amount of 4,500/- I will not pay you any amount until I get my loan and they said OK. Now I told them that I want my money back and they are saying that your loan has been sanctioned and you want your refund. Just pay 25,000/- and get your loan amount within 24 hours through RTGS. I said that if that’s true then show me the sanction letter from the Bank. They said will email you the letter. Its been two days and no email received from them. Phones are switched off. Lessons learned.

Below are the details of the company.

Name: Durga Finance
Email: durgafinance011@gmail.com
Priya Gupta – 7838662314 – not picking up the call
Divya Sachdeva – 981 1830283 – switched off

DIC officer:
Ramesh Powar – 9899758736 – switched off

Bank Account Details:
A/c Name: Diva
Bank Name: Canara Bank
A/c No.: 2758101018928
IFSC Code: cnrb0002758
Branch: Rohini, Sector-15
Delhi: 110085

So guys BEAWARE of this fraudsters group of people. They may reappear with different name and mobile numbers and different bank accounts, but their style of operation is same as above which I had purposely mentioned in detail. I think 90% of the city of Delhi is full of thugs. Thug capital of India. Bloody Cons!

Be Alert! Stay Safe!

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  1. Sir am Sathya from Tamil nadu loan cancelled 18.03.2019 return money after 10 days yean amount inum varala 20.000 pls I request my money I call but not responsibility

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