Durian – Sub-standard product sale, misrepresentation of warranty clause and service issues

Hi, I bought a 5 (3+1+1) seater sofa from Durian showroom in Gurgaon sector-17, around 3 years back for Rs. 30, 000. At the time of purchase the showroom person told that the product carries 5 years of warranty and if there are any quality issues with the product they will take care of it. However, after using the sofa for just 1.5 years the stitching started to fall apart. I contacted Durian customer care but there was no action taken from their end. I continued following up with the showroom from where I bought the sofa (and even mailed photographs of the sofa’s detoriated condition) but even they didn’t takeany action. After hard struggle they provided me the contact details of some Mr. S.P. Agarwal who according to them was in-charge of taking care of such complaints. I contacted him and he promised that someone will visit my residence and solve the issue. However, nobody visited my place even after repeatedly following up with Mr. Agarwal. In the mean time around 1.5 years went by and the condition of the same became even worse. Finally when I visited the Durian showroom again on 12/10/2013 and confronted the showroom guy he again referred me to Mr. Agarwal and when I put my point strongly he agreed to send his guy. His service guy visited my place today (19/10/2013) and after evaluating the condition of the sofa asked to pay Rs.11, 000 for repairing it. I discussed the matter with Mr. Agarwal who said that during warranty period all repair expenses are to be born by me so I need to pay Rs.11, 000. I asked him if I am paying for repairing your sub-standard product then what was the purpose of the warranty? Why at the time of purchase nobody mentioned this? They have cheated me by first selling a sub-standard product in the name of Durian and then later on misrepresenting facts regarding warranty. Kindly help me. Regards Pramod Tiwari

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