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Reported By: Girija Maheshwari

Contact information:
e-cpt.com Gujarat

Hello sir/mam,
Few days ago I got call from a number, a girl called me says this is a captcha work, you will be oaid 22,500 for doing 10,000 captcha work in 10 days. They registered me by taking my email id and aadhar number. After few days I received a mail fir some agreement from placement india stating for the work for 11 months. They have told me on call that they can’t force me for work thats totally depend on us. Amd after few days I got email from some CAPTCHA about my login id and password. I was working on that even after continue working for these 10 days I don’t even know how many captcha I had filled up because it is not shown on that. I have tried calling them many times about the same but they didn’t received my call. And I messaged them fir the same but they just leave it on seen. And now today I got message from some legal department lawenity from ahemdabad, for breaching of contact, tbey asked me to pay 8,500 rs for the settlement of the case filed by company,after that they again said you have to pay 21,600 for the termination of the agreement and after that payment they said you have to oay 13,250 more for the NOC digitally signed and you will get otp If you do not pay this you have to pay some 72,000 rs.. I am now very scared, they are scaring me. What should I do now. Please help me. I can’t afford this.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from e-cpt.com.

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