easygotrip.com – Non-refund of money from travel agent

Hi ,

I had booked a spicejet flight(SG – 522) for 29th Dec, 2014 from bangalore to kolkata(PNR: *SC384K *) through this travel agent Easygotrip.com. However, this flight got cancelled and easygotrip promised me a refund within 9 days of cancellation. However its been more than 60 days and refund procedure has not been initiated yet.Whenever i tried contacting them, their phone number does not work and there is no response to my emails.Please help me in getting my money back.

Even if there is a delay in refund, i should be notified of the same.

The money has been refunded from spicejet to EasyGoTrip, but they are refunding not the same to my a/c.

Please see the email chain for details.

Koustav Chatterjee

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