eazyshopping4u.com – cheating

In august 2014 i got a call from eazyshoping4u.com and said buy a product with a discount ,so i buyed a watch and after some days thay called me and said I am selected for a loyal shopping contest of eazyshopping4u.com and got a prize money of 83000 , starting i did not belive but they called me so many times and said the same thing and said for getting that money you have to pay 6500 ,i paid that money , after 2 days thay called again and said you have to pay 10000 for registration and said you have won 2,00,000 and said that prize money will be given within 2 days , but after 2 days they called and said if u pay again 25000 then only you get prize money , i dont have any other option so i paid ,and again they asked more money they blackmailed me in a way that if i pay extra money only ,then i get prize money and money which i paid , like that they have taken 83500 from me , 5 months over they did not give that money , but in november when i said i will comlain to consumer forum , then they said please dont complain wait for some more days and they have sended some products to me and said those products are gifts from that company and also said those products value amount is not considered in my 83500 , the items that i got are old , unbranded and more value than other shopping sites , NOW when iam asking for my money they are saying my 83500 is considered for the products they have sent to me , they cheated me in this way , i said so many times to them that i will not accept those products if considered in my money , at that time they said NO , but now they are not giving my money and prize money . PRUWVA MEHATA ,CHOWDARY, AJAYSHASTRI and prudvi from EAZYSHOPPING4U.COM , they all trapped me and cheated me , NOT ONLY ME THEY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE ME IN INDIA who got cheated by EAZYSHOPPING 4U.COM , so please take nesseccary ACTION on them and try to get our money back . i have all tranctions and payment details .PLEASE HELP ME .they cheated so many people , im in a financial crisis and facing a huge loss of money , and mentally disturbed , so please save me .

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