– cheat scam fraud is a big SCAM website. It’s not a company. I paid $300 for all lists but cheated me not sending any lists. They just tricked me on PayPal and stolen my funds. just reselling lists by stealing from others. are cheaters. Stay away from them

They do not even provide real identity. They registered private domain. They are not even revealing their real name while contacting them. they are selling lists illegally. They are Indians . I traced their IP and submitted complaint on FBI database. They will get banned by FBI. I registered a complaint on
Soon they will be arrested as they are SCAMMERS and site will get shutdown immediately I think

They are real SCAMMER selling lists without providing SPAM laws real SCAMMERS. They not even provided download link after payment. So they are making quick cash and escaping. Cheaters.

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  1. Hey buddy simply your wasting your time. I have already raised a complaint on you guys. Fake Email Id, Fake Invoice, Fake Transcation, your email trancastion everything I have sent to FBI. So im not at all worried. We already traced out your location and everything. You think you are a big scammer but I never seen such a fool like u.