Emax – Emax Group of Colleges, Badauli, Ambala- Just doing business with students future

I am an engineering student at Emax group of colleges. But, this college not serving education, just doing business with student’s career. The management is so irresponsible and poor. I am a second year student but till now I doesn’t get my registration number. At admission time I submitted my all necessary documents in colleges but college doesn’t forward these documents to Kurukshetra University. When I confirmed from university then I know that till now my documents are not received by university. This is not my case there are other so many students in college suffering from same problem. But management doesn’t do anything. So who are responsible for that College/ management who do this, University ho gives affiliation to this type of c-grade colleges??? I requested to University that please don’t give affiliation to such kind of colleges.

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