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Reported By: DARIUS Curta

Contact information:
Emirates Islamic Bank
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hello my name is DARIUS Curta leaving in Dubai, and I have open an account and applied for a personal loan with a buy out in total of 135k aed(Dubai mall branch)
After closing my previous credit cards, with lack of clarity I reused one of the credit cards which obviously lead to the stand by of the loan .
Anyway I closed the credit card and provide the salary transfer letter which the agent request.
I was informed that the letter was not corresponding with the agreed format and that will delay again the process .
I was upset however I was about to apply again for a new letter, when the agent said (and I have the exchanged messages )that is ok bring the initial letter .
Now I am waiting in total since July when the loan was approved and the balance is still blocked because of this letter which I will have soon, however I really think that a better communication would be preferable at this level .
As a client I am very disappointed for this type of service and in my trial to get this fixed I have come to meet the assistant manager of the branch, which reassured me when we first meet (Thursday)that by Sunday I will have a partial amount from the total into my account, ,
With not even a call on Sunday,
Monday I went back in the morning from my duty time and spend almost 1 h, being promised that I will be called by 2 pm.
At 4 pm nothing so I go back again and I find only excuses and empty promises.
Now by today to be informed that is rejected.
My only will now is to see if someone really cares about the services provided in your bank and how the customer is approached in this kind of situation.
With all due respect I am waiting for an accurate answer .
Regards .

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