Evershine Holidays Pvt Ltd – Not Refunding Money

Reported By: Divya Nagpal

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Evershine Holidays Pvt Ltd New Delhi

Urgent Complaint Against Kaushal Evershine Travels for Non-Refund of Air India Ticket
It has now been an agonizing nine months since I initiated the refund request for my Air India ticket, New Delhi – Toronto, which was swiftly canceled on the same day it was booked. The total cost of the ticket was a substantial INR 183,000, which included a cancellation fee of INR 3,700.
Mr. Kaushal has consistently failed to respond to my numerous attempts to communicate with him. When he has, it has been nothing but a series of empty promises and lies, assuring me that the refund would be processed imminently. Regrettably, not a single rupee has been refunded to date.
The toll this ordeal has taken on me is not merely financial; it has caused significant emotional distress. The protracted wait for a refund, coupled with the apparent dishonesty of Kaushal Evershine Travels, has caused me considerable stress and anxiety.
My foremost demand is the immediate processing of the refund owed to me, as per the terms and conditions of the Air India ticket and the cancellation fee.
Should my plea for resolution continue to fall on deaf ears, I am prepared to escalate this matter to the appropriate authorities and consumer protection agencies. However, I sincerely hope it does not come to that, as I believe that a fair and expedient resolution is not beyond reach with your intervention.


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