Exalt Consulting – Stop Spreading Rumours

Since the day this thing has happened people are making the use of this news for their own entertainment, i think most of the people discussing here against them are not their customers since the same statements are getting copied by creating different accounts. Already these people got damaged enough by the false news getting spread against them, and their rivals are now taking advantage of this situation by posting different negative reviews.

Exalt was growing with its own policies and goals and procedure without looking what others are doing and making the milestones of its own, but they were only unaware that this is creating competitions to many companies in this field who are charging more than them on the name of some membership but were not providing the services to them .I think this is the big plan to destroy this upcoming master company in placements. Something is fishy what is displayed in news and blogs. It is highly impossible to take this action against them, their all processes are legal and are in writing.

Police would have started their operations and made sure that everyone is getting the service, how come they can play with everyone who is connected to one company, including customers employees. Since the company is pvt. ltd and many people are working there since years its highly impossible that they are frauds, anyways lets see what steps they take.

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