Excel-ishan Pvt. Ltd. – About Education in Ukraine

Hello, I am Rima Roy. Students hereby I want to clarify some doubts about excel-ishan. These days a lot In these in different sites complaints regarding excel ishan and Dr. Amrik Singh are posted. People said that these guys are fraud, charge more money and so on. But guys these all are rumors. Dr. Amrik Singh, an overseas Consultant. He is very honest man and never charges extra money for their services. They only charge legal money and in return provide all services necessary for overseas education. I know all these things because I am also his students. Currently I am studying in Ukraine .Dr. amrik singh make it possible for me. But when I read these wrong charges on him so I am posting this. It’s my humble request that please never believe on these rumors. May be some competitor can do this for defaming name of a honest person

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