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Reported By: vipul dawar

Contact information:
Excitel Broadband

I have been using excitel broadband for 100 Mbps plan. However I got speed of 2 Mbps to 40 Mbps most of the days. I have raised a complaint on their portal which is open since 22 days. Further investigation reveals switches of local vendor are not capable enough for 100 Mbps. So if they are aware of this, why are they charging customers for 100 Mbps which they cant provide at all. So asking them for refund of my money, they are not willing to consider that, despite speeding issue still remains open. Apart from this, there are lot of frequent disconnections and speed is not at all consistent, sometimes it is 70 to 50 to 2 Mbps but never 100 for which I paid for.

I have written to nodal/appellate officers also, but there is no response from them. # Tkt5055 && 229719 are the ticket # I am fighting for.

A disappointed user :
customer id : vipul72
Service provider : Excitel Broadband
My contact : 9899930856

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