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  1. I have invested 15000 for this bull shit company data entry job.. assholes they ran away with our money , my downline member had just took 2 aacounts for 15000 and anither for 7500 from the next day they stopped paying.


    hi this is yogesh d. HERE AND JOINED EXPEDIAJOB.COM 14/09/2013 and i have got introduced by mr. sachin pawar whos no is (9819555745)which is closed from 14/11/2013 and the work is even closed from that day onwards,..i have given cheque payment of rs. 4500(cheque no. of axis bank 553958 dt.26/09/13)+ 3000/- rs. (cheque no of axis bank 553959 dt.19/10/2013)= total payment of rs.7500/- rs. only in the initial stage they send me the data entry work and payment got through neft from diffrent diffrent account i have the details in my passbook.. and when i call to customer care no.. on 13/11/13 they told me that due to software engineer is not avail so we will sort this issue as soon as possible and mr. sachin told me that i have to go for more ids. the last customer he made was purchased 100 ids that means 750000/- he paid and trying to sell me but i have not shown any interest so he told me that we will get ur work done even if its late from our side and u will get ur payment as usual..now all the people goes vanish and where is the case gone registered i dont have any idea though i gone to visit the office on 10/12/13 then security officer told me that they have shut their business.so if all the guys got any clue about how to get the refunds lets share so that i will be happy and share the info to the needy too.thanks

  3. Hai All Expedites,
    Ms. Patcy promised me yesterday that, they will give my money back by telling her sir (A vinash) and she told me keep my mouth shut after taking my money and she warned & threatened me that I will be banned from their panel also for making their company image bad in public. Can you keep your mouth shut or sit idle after giving money to unknown persons who you haven’t seen or known nor even talked to them. Can you keep your mouth shut or sit idle, if there is no work, no money, no contact from the people you gave money to. Ok, no problem I will keep my mouth shut only after getting my money back. I don’t need their easy money, nor their scouldings, their warnings, their threatenings. She also said that they are feeling bad about my comments. Do you know, what were our feelings, when there was no work, no money, no contacts. Do you care about that. DO YOU?? If arrest is the case, you would have given your office keys to THAT somebody else who are feeling bad about my comments. You would have RUN the company with THEM. But REVERSELY, you are scolding & threatening me ?? Still, I WILL KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT.

    1. After posting this letter @ Just Dial.com about Expediajob.com, I have received threatening of Ms.Patcy that, I will be removed from the panel. I am giving the letter to Mumbai Police below:
      This was my complaint against Expediajob.com to Amboli Police, Mumbai. Date: 06-12-2013 To The Station House Officer, Amboli Police Station, Jogiswari West, Mumbai. Sir, Sub:- Complaint against M/s. Expedia Job Ltd., Andheri West, Mumbai Request Regarding. * * * * I request you to take complaint against M/s. Expedia Job Company which is headed by it’s 1) Managing Director – Rakesh Sharma and 2) Partner & Business Development Manager – Rahul Saxena (alias) Avinash Tholia on the grounds of Fraud, Cheating & Money Laundering. (Next para) I submit that, I have found this website at http://www.olx.com when I was searching for Home based data entry jobs. An email address was given in the expediajob website in the name of [email protected]. When I contacted though email they asked for my details like email & cell number and they contacted me through their cell number (Ravindra Cell No. 9819222492) and asked me to deposit Rs.7500/- in the their company’s bank account which is in ICICI Bank (Current A/c.No.026305500269), Lokhandwala Branch, Mumbai (This account will be on one of their’s names) through NEFT from my bank account. After depositing the amount, he (Ravindra) asked me to call another employee named Mrs.Radhika (Cell No.9819998792). They both told me that, their company’s work is continuous for four (4) years and it is genuine & there is no need to worry about the money. The company was closed within five (5) days after I have deposited the money in their bank account. (Next Para) I submit that, these two cheaters 1) Mr. Rakesh Sharma & 2) Mr. Rahul Saxena are friends & partners. I came to know from other sources who have invested in this company like me that, Mr. Rahul Saxena is behind all this Fraud. In this connection, I demand you to please do extensive, complete & honest investigation on these two partners on the grounds of FRAUD, MONEY LAUNDERING & CHEATING. They have given wrong addresses, wrong names because they have planned for Cheating. They should be punished severely and I beg you to please do Justice for me and for all those who have been cheated by these two cheaters who have criminal background and are professional cheaters. (Next Para) I request you to do JUSTICE for me.

  4. Hello, I have invested for 4 id’s before 1 months I received the first payment but from 14 Nov they are not providing any work , No one is answering the call and both the office’s are closed off. But they have posted on their website that they are going to start the job very soon . Is company really going to start ?

  5. Im also a victim of expediajob.in.i had 2 id.joimednon mov .after 15nov the company didnt pay off.probably it was another scam.
    Any scope of recovering the hard earned money.

  6. We took 6 IDs for my wife. They charged 7500/- for each ID which amounts to 45000/- INR. Though they initially provided regular work online and also the payment did get credited, suddenly they stopped giving work and the remaining payment is still not received. We tried calling each and every number available but there was no response. When we visited their offices, they were shut down and we came to know that they are frauds.