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Reported By: Vikas Kachhot

Contact information:

Dear Ezeedeals,
As per your refund policy I cancelled my order before shipment do please refund my money.

Order Cancellations
If you would like to cancel an order, you can call or email our customer service and provide details of the order you would like to cancel. If you cancel the order before the product has been shipped, you will receive a complete refund. Once the order has been shipped, cancellations will be treated as returns and be dealt accordingly.

Refund Procedure

In case of online refund, it will be

credited to the same account where the transaction has been made by the customer. If you opt for having the money transferred back to the source of transaction, it may take up to 7-10 business days for the respective banks to process the refund. Please get in touch with the banks directly in case of any delays post confirmation of cancellation/refund by Ezeedeals.in.

I already write to you regarding the same please from your end come the message of problems will solved 24 to 48 hours but still I have no response.

Do please refund my amount ad soon as possible.

Thanking yo

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