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My order No. FB 31559. on Fab BAAZAAR. Yesterday i.e on 13.10.2020, the consignment is delivered and I have paid the amount of Rs.3997/- through Google Pay for three sarees. 1299*3 = 3897 + Delivery charges of Rs.100/-

When I have opened the parcel, to my big surprise, all the three sarees received are completely different in Color, Design and quality. I could not understand, how an esteemed organization can be so careless while attending to customer orders. Is it the mistake of concerned employees handling the orders or the willful cheating by the Manufacturing/supplying agencies? I will describe the Item wise discrepancy as follows:

Ordered : Eventual Yellow and pink color designer Zarna silk saree – FN 2614

Received : a completely different, total pink color saree – Completely different from the yellow colour saree displayed in the picture. Very cheap quality.

2. Ordered :Fabulous Red and orange color soft silk designer saree – SC 7026

Received : a completely different, black and pink color saree with very old fashioned and cheap design – Completely different from the Red and orange color salary displayed in the picture. Further, the Saree seems to be very old stock and cheap quality

3. Ordered : Royal Blue color soft silk designer saree – FN 1062

Received : Blue color saree only but shade is completely different. Border and blouse design is completely different and very outdated design. Quality of the saree is also very poor.

In view of the above, total consignment of three sarees is not acceptable and I am constrained to return all the three sarees. This is a completely devastating experience. I have eagerly waited for the delivery of sarees for the last ten days to celebrate upcoming festivals -Dussehra and Diwali but after receipt of consignment, I am utterly disappointed. I am feeling very bad that all my waiting for the sarees has gone waste. How a reputed organization can be so casual to valued customers? How customers, that to lady customers can accept differently colored, differently designed and poor quality sarees? my entire festive mood got spoiled.

Further, I could not understand this organization’s rude and very unfriendly Refund policy. Other organizations like Amazon, Flip cart, Big Basket, Snapdeal etc. are accepting the returns so gracefully and returning the amount within no time. But, this organization is asking for a detailed E-mail with photos and accepting the return is at their mercy. After acceptance also, we have to return the items on our own and so many terms and conditions. There is no pick up (even at a charge) facility, no help to customers for returning the dissatisfied items.
I have immediately sent a mail explaining the total issue. But, next day, I received a mail simply stating that items delivered are same as offered. the mail carries no Name, No designation. After that they have stopped responding in spite of my repeated mails.
This is definitely a cheating, dubious and fake organization/website. Such sites will damage the customer confidence and entire online business will have bad image because of such websites. The concerned have to take stern action against these fake websites.


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