Fabzz.in – royal posture belt

Reported By: Alkam26

Contact information:
Fabzz.in 101, Sapna Nagar, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh,
[email protected]

While watching a video on youtube, an ad was played about a Royal posture belt with magnetic discs (link of the ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRl3LAgwIOg), which not only helped in correcting posture but also helped to relieve back pain. I was a foreign ad and the belt looked very good and sturdy.
There was a link displayed in the ad video. I clicked that link and I was taken to a site called fabzz.in. On the site it was written that this belt was an imported product and after placing the order, it would take 15 days to reach us. But it arrived withing two days. There I ready some very good reviews about the belt. I felt convinced that the belt was good and hence I placed an order.
When thef product arrived, and I opened the package, I knew I had been fooled. It was nothing like what was shown in the ad. The belt in the ad looked very sturdy and thick, but the one I received looked a very cheap version made from some thin cloth, how would it help correct the back posture when it cannot stand straight ?

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