Igemployment jobs – Fake job

Today I received a call from these people. Generally I did not allow such type of persons to enter into my job search. But today my bad luck I had done a registration with them with Rs.1798/- and further another pay otion had come Rs.4405/- I fought with them then they gave me discount and I paid Rs.1405/- again another pay has come Rs.7795/- I simply inderstood that I got cheated by them and scolded them in the phone and cut them.

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  1. Hi friend,

    I gone through your comment passed in this link, i too will join hand and get the money back.

    Even though, I too will not pay for consultant to get a job. Unfortunately, I used to look in to my own career, my life etc… I have taken a risk in it, but fails.

    We will unite to gather and get back it and this is my mail id. [email protected]
    and note down my mobile number: 09841475568

    thank you

  2. I also received a call from some Ms.Shilpa (ph. nos.-011409304138, 39 ) from igemployment.com. Being suspicious about such calls always asking to register online by paying money, I googled about them & i found a lot of fraud alerts in their name. I wish these scums suffer 100 times of what they r doing to ppl.