Thank you very much to the founder of the http://www.complaintsaboutbusiness.in/ website and all the guys who have registered their complaints on this portal. it was very useful for me. I saved my Rs-2100 an more which were suppose to be stolen by urgentvacancies.com. After the call(he told that his name is ‘abhay’) by urgentvacancies.com i read all the complaints against the bludy fake consultancy i didnt pay the amount, and i saved my money.
Dont do this guys!

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  1. Thanx guys for posting these complaints. I got a call from urgentvacancies today itself and when I asked them that where from they got my number and I will apply but without paying the fee, the person over phone started shouting. He asked me to pay Rs. 2100.
    I am saved..
    Thanx once again to one n all for the posts.