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Reported By: ms1808

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Their track order page is fake when you click on it, it says page not found.

Reminder iii sent 0n 01/09/20

Reminder ii sent 0n 29/08/20

Reminder i sent on 26/0/8/20

Date: tuesday, 25 august 2020 at 4:32 pm
To: “thefanci. [protected]”
Subject: order #26391fanci placed on august 3rd not received. Please cancel the order and send refund

Dear sir/madam,

Order placed on august 3rd is still not received (Refer details below). Please cancel the order and refund my money.

Dissatisfied customer

Madan takale
Order #26391fanci

Thank you for your purchase!
Hi madan, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

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Premium stone work silk sarees 🔥 hot seller ⭐ rated 4.9/5 stars – a) pink blouse & grey saree × 1 rs. 1, 990.00

Discount my11 -rs. 218.90
Subtotal rs. 1, 771.10
Shipping rs. 0.00
Taxes rs. 0.00
Tip rs. 88.56

Total rs. 1, 859.66
You saved rs. 218.90

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Madan takale


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