Fasttech Services – Fraud/Not Return LCD

Hi Sir
I Have facing screen problem in my Sansui 32” LCD T.V from 10th Aug’13. I Have register a complaint by online than I received a call from Mr. Ajay(8860599411,9873240241) from Fasttech Services & sent their engineer Mr. Sanjay(9818449658) with their colleagues & promise to get back within 3 Days.
I Called Mr. Ajay on 17-Aug-13 for knowing problem than he said panel is not working & it will be cost Rs.12000/-.I Suggested to get back my LCD not interesting to repair it due to financial problem.
Afterwards,I Called him & his colleagues to gave back my LCD regulary but still not get back my Set.They guys makes me fool from last 15-20 days that LCD is get back today till 12pm,4 pm,6 pm & 10 pm on regularly but I will not received my LCD still Now.
On Today Morning I have called 9210550305 to his office & again said set will gave u today till 2 pm.
I am really fade up for services. I called up 42 Times from 17-Aug-13 to 31-Aug-13 Details given to u 40 Times.
Than Ajay gives me Amit No.(8447273635) & I called him than he said he is coming on 30 Aug-13 but after 1 hr I called up again than he said his car is not starting so next day he will come but afterwards He never picks the calls.
Pls help me

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  1. Ajay is such a cheat he cheats me also giving time again and again and took money from us.Now using bad language when it comes to refund the money

    1. They have fooled me also. They have taken out the Tuner Card and the Logic card from My LCD Sony Bravia TV and are not returning it. It has been a month since they took my cards and its the same story, every day I call they say the engineer has left with your parts and today 100% your parts will be returned. I have also told them that I will lodge a police complaint but they are not scared. I think they are big time fraudsters and they should be behind bars for fooling the public. I even complained to Just Dial from where these guys got my number when I inquired for TV Repair workshops in and around Noida. But Just Dial has also not taken any action. These guys are still registered on Just Dial and are going on fooling the public.

      Dr. Manoj. I am seriously lodging a FIR against this company. They have 2 companies that they own one is NA Electronics and the other one is Fast Tech Services. I will call you and lets put a joint complaint. If you have other complainaints with you, then let us get them also together and file a joint complaint. Its high time these rogues are put behind bars.

  2. i came to know about you being cheated by fast tech services i n the consumer complain forum,
    i m also the same victim . those frauds have taken away my tuner card of my sony LCD and they are not returning them….
    its been almost 3 weeks that they are not responding to my calls
    lets take united legal action against these frauds so as to protect innocent customers falling into their trap in the future
    dr manoj dubey