FINOMENA Loan App – Fraudulent Forced Loan Behavior

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Reported By: Rahul Sharma

Contact information:

I applied for a loan on this Finomena app in the early time of this Year, somewhere around in Feb or Mar and my application post reviewing all the documents got approved, then they asked me to make a down-payment of around 10k for which i denied and they also asked me to upload some document named Auto-Debit form to which again i never proceeded. Eventually i uninstalled the app and never continued with the given offer..

Today (on 30th October 2017) i received an SMS from FINOMENA that:

I need to make due EMI payment for the month of October or else they are going to take some legal action or they will report this to CIBIL authorities as well. Since then i am in shock and amazed at the audacity of this company that how can they do something so outrageous like this, i mean from where did you even thought of me after all these months and at first i am not even your customer.

I have raised a complaint to their provided email address in the SMS : [email protected] as well and i also marked a reply to all those emails that i once received from them in the month of March.

I also tried to login and see that what they have done to my Finomena acc by installing their App again from PlayStore but it seems that it just doesn’t connect and provides some sort of Server Access error and same issue is with their website as well it also doesn’t open.

I am currently looking into a constructive reply from this company as what they have done today is simply irresponsible and not acceptable at any cost.

[email protected]

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