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Reported By: Suraj Bathre

Contact information:
Fintech company Paytm Noida, Uttar Pradesh

I am suraj bathre.! I am a retailer . I have merchant account on paytm . I use the application named ‘paytm for business’ to receive payments from customers . So, on 1st of May I received payment of 12,000/- from one of the customer named Arjun singh verma . I got the notification in my paytm business app that I received the payment of 12,000/- . When I saw the details of payment That I received I noticed that out of 12,000/- ₹281.78 deducted for (MDR + Gst) . So remaining which was showing in the app was ₹8374.04. But logically it had to show the ₹11700 . The difference amount (₹3343) I didn’t get yet . For this problem I cantacted paytm customer helpline number but they were not able to give any satisfactory solution or answer of my problem . Neither they gave me the my refund nor any solution . I contacted paytm customer care service many times but they were not sure and they were giving ambiguous answers .Sometimes, they were saying amount will be refund within 24 hours sometimes they were saying amount will be settled within 2-3 working days and they were also saying that no amount is remained for the settlement.
Sometimes they were saying that the amount was deducted for the previous due MDR charge so I demanded the receipt or any written proof of that due amount but they are not able to provide such type of proof. And now I am not able to contact paytm customer care because perhaps they blocked my number. This is not appropriate activity thay paytm has done. I small a retailer and the amount is not small for me still paytm is not responding properly to my concern. It has been 20 days passed and I didn’t get my money also I am not able to contact paytm. I am very tensed since 01 of may. I am not satisfied with the service of paytm also I am getting mentally harassed by these activity of paytm. I have done all my efforts that I can do still I am tensed. That’s why I came here to file a complaint against paytm so that I can get the solution of my problem. This platform is my only last hope from where I can get any solution.This is the first time I am facing such problem and this was not expected from paytm. The amount ₹3343 is not small amount for me I want to get my money refund as soon as possible. So I request you to look into this matter and help me.

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