Flat owner ( Aravind rao) – not returning back our money(Rs 3,50,000/-)

i wanted to buy a flat for Rs 19, 50, 000/- (deal with flat owner) for this an advance amount of Rs 3, 50, 000/- is given to flat owner and for remaining amount (Rs 16, 00, 000)i applied for loan (ICICI bank) for this flat owner given all the documents in xerox copies to proceed the loan, but he did’nt told that he having a loan on that flat in another(federal bank) bank about Rs 11, 00, 000/-, he kept all original documents in that bank, now icici bank person is wanted that original documents, but flat owner is saying that tell them to verify from bank only and give me a DD of that remaining amount (Rs 16, 00, 000/-), after 25 days i break this deal (on 09/10/2013) because he did’nt tell about loan and he is not withdrawing the original documents from his bank. then he is taken 15 days time to give back our money(Rs 3, 50, 00/-) still he is not return our amount(Rs, 3, 50, 000/-), he is taken another 20 days time, (some times he is telling i will not give your money whatever you want you do, like that) i spend extra Rs 10, 000/- for the all process, so i wanted my money back please help me ( flat owner name Mr ARAVIND (cell No. 9980083663) Regards Sibgath ulla cell No. 7353588125

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