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Once cited to be one of the most extreme businesses in the world, Prashanth Balaji Singh has excelled himself into becoming the ‘prototypical entrepreneur’ and has built his entire empire on that definition. Prashanth Balaji approaches each challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem solving and measured risk taking to drive consistent bottom-line improvements and shareholder returns.

Prashanth Balaji began his career in the floriculture business and established The Fleurs Group. Fluers began exporting fresh cut flowers from India, Malaysia, Thailand and other South East Asian countries globally and under his helm, Fleurs became the first company to export fresh Jasmine flowers from India to New York, which was later followed up by processing of jasmine flowers in India on a commercial scale.

Recognised as a highly potential businessman, Prashanth was readily willing to diversify his growing business. “What’s in the bloodline, always stays in the bloodline”, true to this quote, in 2007, he ventured into the burgeoning world of mining, thus creating the Fleurs Minerals Company and seated at its helm as the founder and chairman of the group. Fleurs Minerals today, operates in South America, Europe, India and Australia and deals in ferrous metals, base metals and gold. Since the family was successfully running the mining business long before Prashanth established his own, he had an acute understanding of the international markets and was soon able to tap into the ferrous metal markets, leading with iron ore and precious metal markets, along with gold and began dealing with some of its largest producers from Australia and Brazil.

In today’s world, Fleurs Minerals is truly a household business name when it comes to mining brands and has established offices around the globe from Sydney, Sao Paulo, Dubai and Germany. Back in 2012, with the commodities market plunging deeper into crisis, forcing a lot of small, medium and large businesses, Prashanth Balaji with his high technical expertise and vast on-site mining experience helped him to not only sustain but also flourish in the mining business. He strongly believes in the importance of team-work and hence maintains a close network of highly skilled professionals across the mining, shipping, transportation and banking industries. It was with the help of these professional associates, Fleurs Group was able to take over operations of a high-grade iron ore mine in Brazil and run its operations successfully till date.

With suppliers and buyers spread across the globe, Prashanth Balaji took Fluers to venture deep into European regions for mining operations in some of the oldest and largest steel mills in the world. Today, some of his clients in Germany are in operation for nearly 300 years, and still continue to flourish within the mining industry. Fleurs is now well established in the heart of Europe and the office in Germany oversees the entire marketing of the group’s activity from Europe, evolving into a multi-global mining empire with many years of successful operation to its belt.

Today, Prashanth Balaji operates Fleurs Group from a wide network of cities and often travels to the other regional offices overlooking the group’s progress and growth. Under his leadership, the Fleurs Group has seen a 35% profit growth over the years and is will be successfully widening his global reach into other parts of the world, namely North America and the African continent.

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