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Reported By: Harjot kaur

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Flipcart Amazon Mumbai

First day have messaged me for a “work from home” job I asked how through whstapp and they didn’t tell me the procedure just started adding the balance and asked me to perform the task by adding Rs.200/- after completing the task they asked to add Rs.500/- then rs.1000 till then it was easy going then they asked to add Rs 3000 and assigned 18 task to perform but no one informed that there will be multiple items in one order and we need to pay extra for that till then they freeze the amount already invested the task going on and the amount keep Increasing with every new task lately i ended up adding 1.28 lacks as the customer service girl forced me to till 17 task she said i can withdraw money after that any how I borrow money from friends nd relatives and completed 17th task tried to withdraw money but there is denial I consulted her she said I have to completed 18th task to withdraw money the task had 7 items with more then 60 thousand amount each I begged her again nd again to her but inested of any help she was rude and said you have to complete it to withdraw money I cant help in this event you die I begged to her to tell me talk to her senior no.i said senior to plz cancel the task don’t need to commission please cancel the task. I have every single proof to each transaction and the kind of help I got from flipcart cart service girl they chat with you on telegram only and disabled the call option as well while investing rs. 3000 it was mentioned to the catalogue that the commission will be around rs.1500 to 2000 only but this step is totally SCAM



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  1. I got a MSG from amazonhome. Com offering me work from he n I accepted thy started with me from 200rs thn thy said u ll get commission than finish the level 2 I did that also than she didn inform me in level 2 two tasks HV to finish I didn had enoug money borrowed here n thr thn finished d task thn it went in freeze amount she told me u need to complete the level 3 she didn clear me tht in level 3 agn 3 tasks need to pay 30k 19k n all. N always she HV send me new UPI ID tht is temporary Id so I got a dout stil I wanted to get my actual Amy bk so. I did wat she said n
    I agn asked my relatives just to get back my actutla amt back I did this nshe keep on telling me u finish Al d levels u ll get ur amt … Sumhow by begging to my frnds I collected n finished. Thn I said I ll withdraw my money now she said do it but it was not processing than she said bank ll not transfer huge amt so security purpose deposite 10000 agn I told now I don’t hc any amt n no bank ask like this I told her to gv bank details I ll talk to thm she said cannot gv. N I didn get any of my money back she said if u ll not deposite 10000 al ur money ll go . I didn deposite n Al my money went . Task was with big amount 30k 20k 40k n Al . So I request u guys just to earn money don’t fool urslef like how I did.