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Reported By: Louay Mansour

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Fly Dubai

Dear Sir/Madam, I am filing a complaint against one of your ground staff (Anis Bou-Saeed) about an incident at took place at Dubai Airport Terminal-2 on the 26TH of February around 16:00. I dropped my mother (83 years old) who was traveling alone to Beirut with Fly Dubai Airlines. At the check-in desk, I asked the lady if it is possible to send the hand luggage (7Kg) with main luggage (cargo) as she did on her way from Beirut to Dubai. The lady said yes it might be possible but I need a permission from the supervisor. She asked me politely to call the supervisor (Anis Bou-Saeed) who was far from her desk. I waited until he finished his phone call and soon he finished, he shouted at me rudely in front of all the passengers “what do you want? passengers don’t talk to me, only staff talk to me”. For an instance I though he is one of Fly Dubai Share holder; nicely I said to him “the lady asked me to call you”. He ran to the lady at the check-in desk like a rage animal shouting at her from far distance “you don’t ask passengers to call me, you call me, no body from the customers is allowed to talk me”. The lady was terrified and scared of him. She replied with a low tone “he is asking if the lady can take her handbag with the cargo”. He said, no, not allowed he has to pay. I could have paid but because the way he behaved I said to the lady please go ahead and forget the handbag. I can’t believe that there is still somebody with that animals behavior is kept as a customer service’s supervisor. The lady on the check in desk was very nice apologizing for his behavior and nodding her head as a sign of disagreement on what happened. She kept apologizing repeatedly. When I am done with my mum, I went to the customer service desk. It happen that he was behind the desk he asked me rudely: what do you want. I said I want to make a complaint and replied about what? I said about you; he shacked his head with sarcasm in a nasty way. I don’t think this guy has been given any training and definitely not the suitable person to be a customer services supervisor. He has to be tamed before being allocated at that position. I have been flying with fly Dubai since this airline existed (2009) but know I understand why people likes to travel more with Arabia Airlines and Emirates even if they are more expensive at least their staff never shout at the customers. Please be informed that this complain will be sent to Emirates airlines as they booked the ticket for me via Fly Dubai, I did not book directly from Fly Dubai. I hope this person is dealt with in the right way, not because he is rude to the customers but to his colleague as well which is considered a discrimination behavior. N.B: I don’t remember how exactly his name is spelled but it could be either Anis or Aneas.


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