Fly innovative employment service pvt ltd – Fraud company about job placement

Fly innovative employment service pvt ltd is a fraud ( Hindi me Thag) company hai.
They advertise in newspaper like Times of India and other for proof you can see 19 August 2015 times of India in Classifieds they will give email [email protected] and mob number to you when you send your resume by mail to [email protected] they will send you total information about providing jobs in metro, IGI airport, Retail. And company full name and address in that mail which they will send to you as a reply for your mail. When you call they will say 110% aapki job lagegi bas 1500 rs registration k lagenge. They will give you address and also message you about their address.
they will say 1500 as a registration fee to you and will say come to our office with 2 resume, 6 passport size photo and 1500 rs. As a registration fee.mark sheet etc.
When you come to office in reception 1 lady named sneha will meet you I think that is not her original name. May be someone another person will meet her she will say another name to him, anyway,
In reception she will say give me 1500 rs.
When you give 1500 rs she will not give any proof or any receipt of that 1500. She will give only visiting card. After that she will say wait for interview.
After sometime she will send you to interview with MR akash. Akash will asked you tell me about yourself and general information.
After that he will say – kis sector me job karna chahte ho.
After that he will say main back door se tumhari job lagaunga tum kitna de sakte ho how much money you can give I will send you by backdoor.
For every field they have set their amount
For metro 35000 to 50000 for different post in Delhi metro. For IGI airport 30000 to 60000.
And jab aap bologe ki payment kis medium se hogi ?? They will say only cash.. Koi proofs na ho cash dene wale k paas isliye. WO koi complaints b nahi kar paye.
Maine ye bhi pata kiya or paaya ki jab koi candidate backdoor job lagane k liye cash dene k liye taiyaar ho jaata hai to wo 4 page k document par uaka photo or sign lete hain or ek 10 rs ka stamp paper par sign lete hain us par likha hota hai ki agar aap job lene se refuse karte hain to jitna bhi cash diya hai wo refund nahi hoga. Maine ye sab dekha to main bhaag nikla waha se.
Hairani to is baat ki hui jab main net par is type ki company ki complaints dekh raha tha to narayna k is company k address k aas pass k address wali ek or company dekhi Evergreen services, Dekhne wali ye baat hai ki Evergreen company bhi same is type k kaam kar k hi candidate ko fasati thi usme b interview lene wale ka naam bhi akash hi tha.
Net par maine dekha ki ek candidate ne evergreen company par case bhi kiya tha us candidate ki puri case details main copy kar k yaha pest kar raha hu.


Name: Mr. Aakash Otwal and Miss Saanji
EVERGREEN SERVICES CB-353 Ist floor Naraina Ring Road, New Delhi-110028
PHONE N.; 8860757705, 9582761528, 8860758005

Status Company is fraud only around fraud

The above company is conducting its business by the way unfair trade practice since last 9 years in the field of job placement in sector delhi metro, airport etc. for various post, to publish its ads in daily newspaper interact the people and making people fool . Ist step It takes Rs. 1500 as registration fees with respect to state that it is refundable , no receipt is given , but after filling four page circular of this company made signature by candidate on it , it becomes non refundable , 2nd step: demanding one huge amount exist amount between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000 after signature by candidate on Rs. 10 stamp paper, matter typing conclusion is wish not to do work , way of refund amount is closed after signing on stamp paper, both registration fee as well placing job fees mode of payment is cash, you wish to pay this payment by cheque or demand draft or money transfer to company’s account , they deny to this payment mode, the secret of this mode payment , no proof is found for candidate ,no taking legal action against company, In case of realization of any cheating found by candidate.

I naval kishore sahani alleged that evergreen service having fraud of Rs. 41,500 by the above said statement , I got registered in evergreen services on 1 decemeber 2012 for applying a job in sector of delhi metro job and job placement fees payments Rs. 40,000 on 3 Jan 2013 , after aggregate payment Rs. 41,500 , company made a call me on 13 Jan 2013 for interview , after interview I am not interested due to not suitable job according to my qualification, I made complaint company not interest in this job, salary is Rs. 6000
Company is denied to refund my amount Rs. 41,500 , At last I sent a legal notice on 14.3.2013 as well as file a fraud case against above said company.

After One year Mr akash made a call on 4 Jan 2014 for settlement , he said to pay Rs. 25,000 remaining Rs. 16500 shown in expenditure , I agree he made two cheques in favour of my name, cheques dates are 6/1/2014 of Rs. 10,000 and 26/1/2014 of Rs. 25,000, I already know that Mr Akash issued both bounced cheque and use these as a proofs , one cheque dated 6/1/2014 has been dishonored & other waiting to confirm dishounour
Now I have solid proofs available and filing two cases against company (1) fraud case of Rs. 41,500 (2) bounce cheque which comes Under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881.

Scanned bounced cheques pictures and other pictures are available to visit

Fully fraud story of Evergreen services upto date available which given below by Naval Kishore Sahani given below

Complainant’s details

Naval Kishore Sahani

Address: H.N. 10a gali n. 7/3/1 shakti vihar, mithapur, badarpur new delhi-110044
Cell number: +91 8285029742
Residence telephone n. : +91 9266360822
Your E-mail address: [email protected], [email protected]

“ I am victim of cheating Rs. 41,500 by a company named evergreen services who claim to provide a job in Delhi metro according to educational and technical qualifications but after payment of 41,500 to company named person miss Saanji, no job was provided according to my educational and technical qualifications, only a interview was provided by company named person Mr. Aakash in delhi metro jawahar lal Nehru stadium station in house keeping department post supervisor , it is not fair job according to my educational and technical qualifications’’

I am unemployement man, 33 years old , named Naval kishore sahani S/O Sh. Kapil Dev sahani R/O H.N. 10a gali n. 7/3/1 shakti vihar, mithapur, badarpur new delhi-110044, Educational qualification B.A (P) degree holder and diploma in computer h/w .(see Xerox copies of my certificates)

I came to know through newspaper named “Punjab Kesri” published on 29th November 2012 .(see Xerox copy attached shown by rectangle mark) I contacted printed mobile in ad, took all info regarding to vacancy what docs , registration fee, I visited office on 1 december 2012 along with 6 photos , 2 resumes, xerox copies of all educational and technical qualification, Rs. 1500 as registration fees, I reached at office reception counter , made entry in office register, a receptionist submitting my required docs except Rs. 1500 , few minutes , receptionist sent me in a cabin where miss saanji was present.who already seeing my resume and Xerox copies of educational qualification , demanding Rs, 1500 as registration fee , paid this amount to her ,a visiting card gave me as receipt( attached Xerox copy of it) , no cash memo delivered me, started to take my interview, first of all introduced yourself , what is ur typing speed etc, asked to wish which sector did you place I said in Metro post token operator(estimated expenses from Rs 35,000 to 45,000), she additional jobs suggested in other sector post assistant manager (expenses Rs. 25000 in this sector)I asked a questions regarding to expenses differences in metro job and other sector job post assistant manager , on this she made a remark that metro jobs was too expenses comparison other sector due to if making permanent job in metro job that ur salary will be Rs. 35,000, providing me four page company’s circular to read it and fill up and submitting to her, at last she told me one call will be come to my cell n. after 1 to 3 days.
After three days Miss Saanji made me a call to inform that ur job will be provided in metro job post supervisor, I asked for post of token operator, her logic gave 10 % of salary will be increased every three months so she suggested to post of supervisor no increase in token operator and total amount expenses will be Rs. 40,000 ( at the moment not clear the point in house keeping ur work to sweep stations , toilets, walls , later, this exposion was occurred on 13 January 2013 first interview after payment amount of 40,000)

6 th December : I and my father visited office and meeting both to Miss Saanji regarding to metro job , My father asked a question to Miss Saanji that If Providing expenses of amount Rs. 40,000 to her what percentage assurance for selection in metro job , she said cent-percentage, other question in case of no selection in metro job, then she said that ur money will be back, my father said that if it is so , I needed time to arrange this expenses amount of Rs,. 40,000, she demanded to tell exact date which will be arrangable, father asked her what date will be suggested by Metro Head Office , she told till 26 th December 2012, my father said to try arrange this expenses amount on due date.
8th December, Miss Saanji called me to bring my all original educational qualification, like 10th marksheet , 10+2 marksheet, B.A (p) marksheet, voter id, On 10th December 2012 I submitting these original docs to her in the office, I asked her when it will be get back, she told after place in metro job, meanwhile I needed my original docs for some work, she refused to pretend my original docs will have already be submitted in Metro Head Office after cancellation my original docs will be back from Metro Head Office if cancellation will be occurred I cannot apply any job in metro job for coming three months ( this is a lie, exposed on 13 january 2013, house keeping manager did not demand any my original docs.because I got back my original docs after full payment expenses amount Rs. 40,000on 10th January 2013)

I met Miss Saanji personally on 27 th December that no expenses amount will be still arranged , 5th January I made her a call to gain info if I will pay expenses in what time taken for my duty on , she told me only one day taken duty on, I will arrange Rs. 35,000 of Rs, 40,000 ,7th January I paid Rs. 35,000 in cash to her , after payment of it, she gave me stamp paper of Rs. 10 for reading and sign on it in short matter was if I do not wish to work or refuse to do work , my amounts will not be back, I signed on it, remaining Rs. 5,000 in cash paid to her on 10th January, 2013. she gave me my all original docs back, she has succeeded because of her full expenses amount Rs. 40,000 had been paid. Now what time taken for duty on she differed from her previous statement first two days, after seven days, 13th January 2013 , an interview was arranged at delhi metro station named Jawahar lal Nehru stadium Mr akash who is a member of evergreen services made me a call to reach this venue to come for interview, a manager of house keeping other desi name bhangi work department( not exactly I remembered company’s full name except name started from ‘Prahri pvt. ltd ), he took my interview, he asked me first question what payment made to evergreen services , I told him Rs. 40,000+ Rs.1500 as registration fee, he told requirement of job starting salary Rs. 6,000 , salary was increased but not after three months, also telling that ur job will be in trial may be 5 to 10 days for learning time, no payment was given for it, after learning job I will get to do work one of three shifts, he introduced formality before joining his company like a statement was written on a paper by own my hand writing that in short I have not pay any kind of money to him ,post supervisor, I may be do bhangi work, because no money was taken by his company , further, 10 finger prints impression on a paper, he told me to write 10 place name for test, I wrote that , after left, Mr. Akash said to me wait for manager’s call .

After this incident I consider all above said facts flashed in mind , my conscious mind told I have cheated of Rs. 41,500 by evergreen services. I disgusting myself that after payment of Rs. 41,500 , my job will be as Bhangi work, there is no required any higher educational qualification but I have higher education as well as technical qualification.
I think what I do for this unjustice, who provides me justice. At the moment I am very mentally disturbed due to this cheating of amount Rs. 41,500.
28 January 2013 again I went to office met Mr. Aakash, wish to change job not suit my qualification , he said only no refund my Rs. 41, 500, except if I wish to change in other sector , no cent-percent guarantee for selection, finally you join bhangi work( before instead claiming cent-percent joning but not yet) , this is preplanned scheme this company (evergreen services ) member cheated me at moment I am deeply in depression.
Regarding to this case:
No authorization letter by any metro authority , other sector authority, this is illegal work
No receipt is issued except after payment a stamp is signed according to said matter to defend themselves , no legal action is taken against them if occur to show it as proof. This is my big proof against them .
Not only I cheat by this company but also everybody is cheated like this
At the moment like this ad still publish for local newspaper trapping for his hunting for cheating

Relief: My amount will be refund of Rs. 41,500 back interest @18% charge until judgment came as well as compensate me amount of Rs. 1,00, 000 of cheating me and suffer from mental illness

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  1. Thats true this fly innovation is a fraud company. I was also cheated by them in the name of metro job. They didnt tell about the money when they call. They just ask for 1500 as a registration fee and after akas took the fee without any recipt and took sign in all the papers, he told that we would call you later and informed you about the interview and after that they demand for more money and if any bidy is not able to pay them they didn’t refound the registration charges also. They didn’t provide any job. They are fraud. Is thete any body who can take action against these cheats who cheats innocent candidates.

    1. sangeeta my self rahul..i readed all ur comments n plz tell me what they actually do whatever u written bcoz i also hv submitted 1500 now they call for police verification… plz tell me what they actually do 7503367451 is my no plz sister tell