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Reported By: Neran

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Four Points
Bangalore South, Karnataka

I bought an electrical plug adapter in the shop and found that it does not fit properly cause there was an extension that hit the socket.
I couldnt return it immediately, but after 2 days. I saved the bill and wanted an exchange. First it was mentioned in the bill that within a week, exchange is possible. But now the shop tells me that it is an ELECTRONIC item and it cannot be exchanged. After a long heated discussion they finally relented. But the kind of rude behavior from the shop is something that is unexpected. When I brought it to their notice that it is mentioned about exchange in the bill, the shop owner/ manager does not know and answers rudely not to buy if that is the case. People please boycott these kind of shops. Just because they have the money doesn’t mean that they have to be rude to the customers. Customers are GOD, they should know this.

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