Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training – Fraud done by Frankfinn

Reported By: Meetu Verma

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Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training Gurgaon

Complaint against my Employer:

Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Trainings: They treated me as a slave & Bonded Labor and have wrongfully terminated me. They had taken Rs.15 lacs cheque from me fraudently, by making false statement and are now threatening me to get it cleared. I want to file complaint against them for harassing, torturing, committing fraud, cheating & mischief and made me to suffer mental torture.

Respected Sir/Madam

My humble complaint is as under: This is to complaint against, my employer, Frankfinn Aviation Services, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training. After interviewing me at Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess training, Address- 5th FLOOR, TOWER – B, UNITECH– CYBER PARK, SECTOR -39, GURUGRAM, and HARYANA. They had sent me the Offer letter on 16th January 2019 and offered me the Job role of “DGM- Corporate Relations and Industry Collaboration.
They told me to join on 1st February 2019. In the offer letter, there were no details mentioned for any Bond, undertaking or cheque to be signed by me in the letter. On 1st February 2019, I, when reached there for Joining formalities, they told me to sign a Bond, Undertaking and give them a Cheque of Rs.15lacs. They told that this all is only a formality which all senior management people have to do at the time of Joining. While joining the job, They forced me to sign the Undertaking and give them a cheque, I was told that If I leave the company before 2 years, they will as per the undertaking then put the cheque in my account. As I had no intentions to leave the company before 2 years, therefore, I gave them the Cheque and had tosign Undertaking. The condition of termination was never told to me and even they dint allow me to read the complete conditions of the Undertaking. So called illegal & wrongful termination by them is with ulterior motive and is on the basis of false and wrong imputations against me. This mischievous act on their part is to cause wrongful loss to me. Even such a clause of forfeiture of amount of the cheque is void Ab initio. They have not even send the undertaking to me by post.
The appointment letter was given to me after 15 days, they had sent the Appointment Letter to my Residence. When i objected to the contents of the letter with HR, they refused to listen and threaten me that i was already working. With days of follow-up they verbally informed that this was applicable if i resign or leave. To my dismay soon thereafter they (_Mr. Anshul Gauba & Ms. Rashmi Singha) started treating me as a Bonded Labor, wherein They (Mr. Anshul Gauba & Ms. Rashmi Singha ) used to make me travel in the night at 2am and 4am, which was very dangerous for me, as I am a single mother.
But their attitude kept on getting worse with each month. I want to complaint against them. They told me to work on all 7 days, and when I told them, that I need 1 day off, The HR Ms. Rashmi Singha had sent me a SHOW CAUSE NOTICE on June 8th, 2019 asking the explanation, where in I had sent them the reply and Hr- Rashmi told me to send them an Unconditional apology, or she will Terminate me. Therefore I had to sendan Unconditional Apology under coercion. I have done so much of Hard work, and brought around 4000 openings for my students in the six months. But on Aug8th they had again sent me a Show Cause Notice for no reason. Even when i objected to said show cause notices as inhuman, the HR showed no courtesy and my harassment at place of work continued by (Mr. Anshul Gauba & Ms. Rashmi Singha).

Normally when I bring Job openings, if the HR does not have time, they tell me verbally the Number of opening, and I write it down and forward the same to the Placement department. On 8th August, Hr- Rashmi had again sent me a Show Cause notice saying that I have done a fraud by writing the number of openings myself, I was shocked, as this normally happens( per accepted past precedence). Thus having torturing me by way of unreasonable show cause notice and unfair play they have now terminated me illegally on 16th Aug 2019 (with malafide intention) which inhuman. Where after Hr told me that, I need to put Rs.15lacs in my account as the cheque will be sent for the clearing, which is clear extortion and inhuman on part of employer/ HR department. Moreover the so called clause of forfeiting the amount of the cheque on wrongful termination, is itself is void Ab initio
The said cheque payment is not due as they have forced my termination in unfair and arbitrary manner and hence i have stopped payment with my bank and seek to contest any of their claim for said amount as not being due. As lady, i seek legal aid, under your benevolence.
Hence my this complaint against them Mr. Anshul Gauba & Ms. Rashmi Singha as they commit harassment at place of work despite being a lady and also issued inhuman show cause notices and did not act in fairness and now they have terminated me simplicitor and illegally without valid reason and any enquiry (without giving opportunity of being heard) and are resorting to extortion of money and deprive me of my liberty. They have committed the offence of cheating, mischief & frauds by getting my signature on the bond by stating wrong facts and played fraud upon me by taking the cheque of 15 lacks. Even no expense has been incurred by the company for providing me any training. Only the Induction took place at the office premises itself, wherein no trainer was called from outside. The induction was also about the different department’s working- Hr, Marketing, Admission. Their was no induction for my department of Corporate Relations at all.
I am really very hurt and this amounts to unfair labor practice and against my human rights. I seek your indulgence and request you to kindly register my this complaint, investigate, punish the accused herein and help me in this hour of need.
I may approach as may be further advised to approach any other forum as well for redressal of my grievances by your honourable authority.
Yours faithfully
Meetu Verma (Contact No. 8178123143)

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