Fraud man- Jayendra Singh 08005387710

Hello Everyone,
I want to aware you in placement & job consultancy. My College and many other others college in different states have faced fraud from Mr. Jayendra Singh (08005387710). He is a fraud man, He cheat every college.
He introduce that he is HR/employee in particular company but he is not HR/employee in any company. He goes many colleges for recruitments as representative of different companies as HR/Employee.
Joining letter totally fraud and never join the candidates in companies.
My College and many others college have faced this fraud man. My suggestion only that don’t follow Mr. Jayendra Singh. Otherwise you have to also face another fraud. Don’t give any money before join the candidates.

Fraud Man: Mr. Jayendra Singh (08005387710)
Fraud Companies:
Ato Z NDT Solution
GRS Technology
BU Group
Westine Electromach
Ispath Test House
Intecco Services

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  1. mr. venuprasad
    can u tell me in which college he did fraud as u mention all d companies n u hve to prove it either give the college name and urs as well…
    and if he did fraud so why anybody take any action against him and still his no is working with same identity.If he is a fraud man than he should close all their no and identity but he didn’t do so.
    u must give all d details or stop doing rumours about anyone.