Fraud Raj Shastri & kapil baba

Hello Friends
I am Niloy basically from West Bengal. first of all I spend a money Kapil shastri ji he took rs 2100 and he tells your work within 72 hours for promise. After 72 hours I called her he told 99% worked had been done and he consulted Raaj shastri Raj shastri get the 1% results. Raj shastri told your problem has been solve within 41 hours for only black film and he asking money for Rs 5700 but I don’t have any money ony rs 2000. He told if you deposit rs 2000 after works done 3700. I had deposit 2000 Rupees to Raj Shastri. after 41 hours he told you cannot submit the 5700 money.
Hence he took the money and not get the successful results
Niloy Kumar

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