Fraud shop Art Design in Kirti Nagar delivered only partial order and refused to deliver the complete order

We have bought a King size bed with side tables from the Art Design Wooden Furniture store in Kirti nagar. We started buying only bed first and he(seller) told the price as 17K which can be bargained. We than added 2 side tables with the bed and he told the complete payable amount as 22K and we finalize the deal to a final payable amount to 20.5K. The deal was final and we paid 5.5K as the deposit for our order and he gave us a receipt of 5.5 K with some details regarding the product on a plane paper and no bill was provided. Now on the day of delivery, we could not visit his shop, so i send my brother to pay remaining amount and clear the delivery. My brother paid the remaining amount and he again marked amount paid on the same paper. Now we got the delivery in late hours of the day and to my surprise he just send us the bed and none of the side tables were sent. When we called him, he refused to accept that he has taken the order for both the bed as well and side stools and says do whatever you want to do i am not going to send you the stools. On the white paper also, which is a proof of the complete deal, we are not finding any relevant details regarding order as he wrote details in his reference and we dont have a bill too. Not sure what i should do now as thats a case to complete cheating. In many cases when we shop from the physical stores, we buy stuff without a bill as they dont have electronic billing machine but now when i am cheated, i have no idea what should i do now. I am already cheated now but i want to make sure that he dont same this to other customers or he might have done the same before.

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