GadgetDudes from Facebook – Bait and Switch

Reported By: bruce roth

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GadgetDudes from Facebook

When we ordered the product on Facebook, it was to be the device that would allow your phone to be shown on your arm. It was at a pre-order discount. When it arrived, multiple months later we received the M2 My Device My Life bracelet. It was nothing like we ordered. The instruction in the box showed an option to download the app to make the device snyc to our IPhones. This came up as an .APK which is not for an iPhone but for android devices. It also has no charger which was to be enclosed in the packaging.

I submitted multiple emails to them asking for return instructions and received no response. I even tried calling and it went to an infinite loop and we could not reach anyone to help us. Finally the time to return this had expired.

Eventually with multiple searches, I was able to find a similar app for me to use this, but it will only work 1/2 the time. the sleep timer will not work. I have taken this and changed it over to the 24 hour clock as some support groups have suggested, but this will not function even as the piece of crap it was designed.

I even talked to my bank about unauthorized charges since it was not the product as advertised. They also tried to get in touch with the company about the complaints. Bank of America has received multiple complaints about this company and is trying to get monies back for their clients.

Shady from the beginning.

B. Roth

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