Galaxy Projects India Pvt Ltd – GALAXY SUNRISE – Plots not registered since 3+ years and land seems to be still in dispute with no resolution from the management

This complaint is regarding the 2 plots – 30×50 and 40×40 I booked in Sunrise Project in 2011. The plots were sold by Galaxy Projects India with the assurance of completing the registration in 6 months initially and providing interest payment till the time Khata is obtained. However the land seems to be in dispute till now and not transferred to the Galaxy yet. The interested payment is also not being done. I have visited their office numerous times even on weekdays and the office staff is always giving some ready-made excuses each time and postponing the registration to 3 months to buy in more time and prepare new excuses the next time.

The management is lethargic and the customer service or query handling is pathetic. The Managing Director – Mr.Ravi is not taking responsibility to meet in office or taking any ownership to discuss the resolution in spite of my repeated attempts for last 2 years nor is there anyone authorized in the office to take decision on the future course of registration. There is no response by Mr.Ravi to the calls/sms on his cell-phone/office number and he is most of the time away from office to avoid meeting frustrated customers like me. He has added my number to rejection list and the calls are automatically disconnected. Even after visits to office, there is no follow-up by anyone from the office to update the status or provide resolution.

It is appalling to see such an unethical conduct from the proprietor/staff of Galaxy Projects company which claims to be one of the fastest growing professional companies in the Indian real estate industry and have a track record of excellence for 15+ years in Bangalore. I’m running out of options to get proper resolution or any attention by the MD so far and decided to file a legal complaint with the proofs I have to obtain my rightful property

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