7 thoughts on “Gazadeals – Refund my mony”

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  1. They take order at the web site showing original products on site & give all China LIKE duplicate product
    I received a mobile phone samsung guru 1200 on 31/03/2017 it not charging + display has a BIG dot
    At time I purchase the product the site so
    Mail-Id if you any problem contact but site didn’t accept our complaint it TOTALLY Fake site.
    So please don’t buy any thing from this site
    It is FROUD site………………..

  2. Refund my money
    Mobile phones is not charging + display has 2 Big dots Totally fake side don’t purchase any thing
    The GAZA DEAL is a cheating & froud site

  3. I was received the parcel on dt. 25/3/2017,then I can open the parcel.mobile can not on and charge is totally broken.fake site..

    1. Fake site.in this site show the original product but u can gave the duplicate product…..Fake site too much