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  1. Hi all,I want to first share my experience at GCIIT ,after completing my Btech I was all set for getting a job but unfortunately I was not able to get an job were ever I went I was asked for specialization I was not good at programming so wanted to go for testing I went down for searching many places for testing courses all were charging very heavy amount can you believe 20000 and that to only for 1 automation tool I was sad and thought of going back to my village but while surfing on net I came across this company called GCIIT who were providing testing training which included both manual and automation and you wont believe the automation included all the 5 tools just free of cost I was surprised and thought might be its not true just for advertising but still my fate I went down to the company and met with Karanveer sir who is the admin there he explained me the complete details about the training and as well the part time job listening to this I was very much happy I enrolled and I did my training which was really very nice and I really learned a lot from the training at first I thought of not doing the part time job as my only aim was to complete the training and get placed in an MNC but still I did the part time job as it sounded interesting to me so I did it and I swear I earned 9000 that to before completion of my complete training and the best thing is that after completion of my training within 15days of time I got a job in MNC which was my aim and am happy for my Job and GCIIT .

  2. yes all of you here i am snighda , i also received my Part time job cash amount last month as now i got job in IT Company so i quit from the part time job , i really want to say thanx to karan sir for my Job also he referred me in Accenture and for part time job more clarification you can ask for payment proofs also they will show you , its better because in the top ridhi is sounds to be worst girl who speak bad about the person who is really a genuine and he helped others a lot as i asked to my classmates they many of them got job also recently.

  3. NO YAAR RIDHI I AND MY testing class friends got money ,
    And really its required as cost of living is very high in Bangalore.
    I think you are not doing it properly , just need 1hour wiork daily.
    and i earned last week Rs6000. my PG and my food expense recovered , thanx god