Gemstoneuniverse – Conman posing as Astrologer and Spiritual Guru ?

Self styled new age guru, guruji shrii arnav medhi, seems to be a conman under the hood …

From a 26 year old in December, 2003 to 35 year old in July, 2006 …
What kind of growth, physical? spiritual? super natural?
Here is some interesting data …



This is just tip of the ice berg!

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  1. I have made the above post and complaint under the fake account name of Borris and I have made a terrible mistake under the influence of a 3rd party. I have pasted the same material on several other forums and websites. I am very sorry for making this post. I have written to the owners of this site to remove the complaint but they have not done anything about it. There is also no option to delete the same as there is no account. By this I am admitting to the wrong done by me and tender my apologies. Please ignore this if the owners of this site do not take this down.