Genial Holiday Club Pvt Ltd – Fake Promises

Reported By: Vikramjit Singh

Contact information:
Genial Holiday Club Pvt Ltd

We attended one of their seminars held at keys hotel in november and after the presentation we took *yrs membership from them at a price of rs.*****.
The things which were promised included
*. *n*d holiday at a premium category hotel for a family of * every year for * years including breakfast. The names listed included hotels like hyatt, radisson etc.
*. We will be required to pay amc of rs.**** per year at the hotel for *nights.
*. We can book holiday in india or foreign.
*. We can take advance holidays. Means we can club nights from future years to current year and avail longer holiday.
*. We can gift these nights to our friends and relatives.
*. We can buy nights for our friends at a price of rs.*****+**** amc for *n*d
*. The rooms promised were of studio type suitable for family of *.

This was what was promised to us and below mentioned is what we actually got.
*. Hotels offered are of sub standard category.
*. Breakfast will be on chargeable basis.
*. We have to pay for extra bed as well.
*. We cannot consume nights in advance.
*. No option to buy nights for your friends as promised.
*. For international holiday they charge you an exchange fee of rs*****/room so if you are consuming * nights of yours and need two rooms for your family you need to pay ***** as exchange fees for average hotels. We were told to pay an amount of rs ***** for * nights as various charges for hotel which was available online for rs.***** with same facilities. Mind you we have already paid *****/**=****/night as advance membership fees so the hotel which is online available for rs.***** is being offered to me at rs.*****+[protected]**)=*****. Very smart business indeed.
*. And all this is done as if they are doing a favor to you.

Once a fraud always a fraud. Biggest cheaters. They change rules to suit their requirements. They dont have agreements in mussoorie, they dont have arrangements in kasauli. so you have to select destinations according to them and also you have to adjust with whatever few hotels they have. we pay them ****/night in advance for which they offer ****/night rooms that too at their mentioned destination. When you agree to their destination and their mentioned hotel then they say we cannot give you more then * room. so you have to adjust all your family members in * room only.

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