Gian Jyoti Institute – worked over an year not a good experience

Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology
Industrial Area, Near Bassi Theatre, Sector 54, Phase-2, Mohali, Chandigarh 160002

I worked at Gian Jyoti institute for a little over an year. It was not a very good experience.

Some of the drawbacks:

1. It is run like a private fiefdom. There is little emphasis on education and more on internal politics. I was amazed that the Dean of the Institute actually counted the number of cups of tea that were served.

2. Teachers are not paid proper salaries. Most are exploited, and as a result, GJIMT has not been able to build knowledge capital despite years of existence.

3. Instead of being open minded, the institute is parochial and does not encourage research. Mr JS bedi actually had a severe problem (jealousy I think) as my book was published with Oxford University Press!

4. The institute website has false claims. The “highly experienced faculty” are all about a year old in the institute. I could not see any lecture series by IIM graduates as mentioned on the website, while I was there.

5. The number of qualified teachers who have left in the past few years is phenomenal. Almost every month some teachers leave the institute.

6. The only reason it gets students is that it is close to Chandigarh. Its counterpart in Punjab struggles for students.

That is why I rate the institute poor indeed.


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  1. I was at GJIMT for about one year and found that it is misguiding students. The institute is run by Mr JS Bedi, who behaves as if he is the cat’s whiskers, and his daughter, Aneet, who spends her time in petty politics. The website says that it has faculty from IIMs and Panjab University; while I was there I could not find a single IIM graduate in the vicinity of the institute. Dr R P Gupta, who was a professor at PU, has since left. I also saw that the institute was publishing false placement figures. My experience was very bad, as JS Bedi and his daughter have no experience in running a management institute. In fact, Aneet had a problem when my book was published by Oxford University Press. It is hardly a wonder that despite it being quite old in the city, has no standing. It has no intellectual capital to boast about, and most of the faculty is less than 3 years old in the institute. Keep away!

  2. is this true ??
    i was think to join this college and for that i had sent my resume also, so please can you tell me that is this all true?? please reply!!

  3. Mr. Rachit yes this i all true. I had worked in this college for one year and with all my experience which i had stated above, i suggest you to not to join the institute. All that the institute is having is politics nothing else. i suggest management to stop indulging in such things and try to improve on other aspects. You are in education line since a long period of time , you must had acheived a great heights but no, you busy in other things. Think about that.
    And for You Mr. rachit rest is upto you, decision is yours.

  4. hello ,
    i am sukhpal singh ,my elder brother studying there. i am in 12th standard and after completing my +2 i am also thinking to go for Engg, like my brother but after searching about college on Google i am little confused. what ever politics the management is having i have nothing to do with that , all i want to know is the teaching standards in this college?

  5. No facility member is having more than 1 year of experience in college, the website of college says they have highly experienced facility but they do not.

  6. Education level is low. management is busy in their own clouds, no one is think about raising the standards of education. the main aim of institution is to give quality education to students , but here every one is busy in other things and the least they care about is the education!!