Glamwillo – Got Used and different product

Reported By: Veerendra Kumar

Contact information:
Glamwillo g-94, FIROZABAD, UTTAR PRADESH (UP), India

I have ordered pair of Kurtha’s on 12/06/2021 which costs Rs.749 in Glamwillo which was appeared on a youtube Advertisement and after 10 days I received the delivery on 22/06/2021 but when I opened it, it has a different and used product(a piece of cloth) which not even worth Rs.50. I did not order this type of product. I waited for this product and so disappointed with what I got. I paid 750 for a cleaning cloth that’s so horrible. I request a refund of my money please, that money didn’t come easy for me, it’s so important for me. Hope you understand and please refund my money as soon as possible.

I’m attaching the picture of the product I received below and also wanted to upload the billing details but here upload image accepting only one file. Please reach me if you need more information from me. I feel so happy if you resolve this problem and below I giving some more details of this incident.

More details:
Saw this Glamwillo product in an advertisement while watching youtube.
Ordered on: 12/06/2021
Received on: 22/06/2021
Product Cost: Rs.749
Delivery Type: Door delivery
Payment type: Cash on Delivery

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  1. Chhaya yatin Gangurdre

    I have not received what I ordered.
    My orderNo is 23717GW
    I have payed 749/-
    Either return my money or give as per order.