Global Infosoft Technologies – Complaint Against Global Infosoft Technologies

Respected Prime Minister Shri Naendra Modi
I am Vrajesh Parikh from Gandhinagar , Gujarat.
Sir, On 4th April 2014, I receive a call from a company Global Infosoft Technology (GIT) , New Delhi.
They said that from your mobile no (9426350167), won a laptop and you have to pay Rs. 4325/- for that. Then I paid the same. But then After they are asking more and more amount on different – different reasons. Even lastly RBI is also involved in the same and they are asking big amounts to give my money return to me with good interest. As RBI is involved in this mater, I believe that I got my money. So I have given the said amounts.
Lastly they are said me that we have transferred Amount of Rs. 3,80,778/- , Rs. 1,80,258/- and 51000/-) on 23/08/2014. They also give me a Ref no : 3212521, Transferred by IDBI bank , Amount 3.90 Lac.
They said you will get it in 48 hours. I have wait till 25/08/14. But still not received it. Then they said that trans. Is failed and we will do it of 27/08/2014.
On 27th ( Today) now they said that you have to pay 1.30 Lac for NOC from RBI. This is said by RBI officer and GIT both.
Sir till today I have paid 4.71 Lac. But I am not getting my money back. Please do needful urgently as they said me that if I will not pay this within 2 days then they will give this amount of 8 Lacs to NGO.
Also I am giving the money to GIT, but “Shoppinggola” & “Shop it Today India Pvt. LTD ” sending so many things as a gift.
Please arrest ,
Mrs. Sobha , & Mr. Ashok ( MD of GIT) and seal this all three companies , GIT, Shoppinggola & Shot it Today.
Sir, I cannot come to New Delhi and please do needful urgently and give my money back to me.
Sir, I have attached one file of my all transactions.
Tel No of this persons are :
Sobha : – 01165991645, 08586075817 (Mrs. Rashi leaves the company)
Mr Singhaniya RBI, New Delhi : 01165640451.
Company address:

Global Infosoft Technologies
C/@, 2nd Floor,
Anal Plaza Building,
C.P. New Delhi -110001

Vrajesh R. Parikh
98795 50167.

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