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Dear Concerns,

You are very good at work, that can be seen by complaints that are been posted by your other employees & that are telecallers & can be seen on on this link

I have attached a snapshot of the same kindly see if I was a victim then who are this they are working at office how you are treating with them .


see some more facts & figures in the snapshot


the above snapshots are the real proof as they were posted before our complaints, thanks to God these people did not say that they are posted by us only.

These are IT peoples, without doing any homework directly claim that all the complaints are posted by us only.

Now they are threatening me …. they did not thought that a working man joining a company making a full faith that the company would help in all the circumstances would leave or continue to work.

The behaviour of the superiors changed suddenly then where is the space left for me.
They directly said that you will not get your salary, no working man will listen this, if we are doing work the we must get compensation.
By displaying all the fake facts above you cannot cheat us,
We can gather & collect combine calls of all the clients that we have visited & did our work.

Dear Ones,

You did not loose anything, i have lost my career & money of 3 months including Tour expenses that we have visited to Delhi to visit your fake office,
after making decision to join your company.



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